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Service Concept
Endless customer demand, with our full service, moving customers, sincere service concept forever, sincere service, whole-hearted service, long-term service, win the market and customer respect
  • Service Spirit

    Service Spirit

    "Depending on the customer's time is more precious than gold", request service time for the sake of users, timely solve the problems existing in the equipment, understanding the reason users' time is money.
  • Service Tenet

    Service Tenet

    Through "create value for customers", our service guide users grasp the use, maintenance, construction, maintenance ability, which provide guarantee for the user's work, interest and value.
  • Service Goal

    Service Goal

    "Take the customer as the center, the implementation of overtime and premium services", let the customer feel not just bought a product, but purchased, of a complete set of perfect service.
  • Service Requirements

    Service Requirements

    "Concise, all-round, active and timely", with the fastest speed, the best way to the scene, the implementation of comprehensive, timely and efficient service, to win time and create benefits for the user.
Service Process
Weixing Machine set up customer training system, training of technical experts, professional theory and practical operation experience
Service process
1, The customer purchase demand is put forward
2, Sales engineers, preliminary understanding requirements
3, Organize seminars to customers, develop packaging solutions
4, With the customer to determine requirements, sign contract, collection deposit
5, Manufacturing issued notice to the customer on a regular basis to report the production situation
6, The early stage of the testing machine, the machine
7, Machine acceptance of the end, to the customer training
8, Charge balance, enter the stage of maintenance
Service Commitment
"The pursuit of perfect products, provide perfect service "as the service tenet, produced a series of complete after-sales service management processes and system
  • 01
    1 hour
    Respond to customer's requirement
  • 02
    3 hours
    To solve the problem
  • 03
    48 hours
    Customer required parts delivery
  • 04
    6 months
    Senior service engineer circuit technology services
  • 05
    1 year warranty
    Not your equipment problem, is responsible for the maintenance and free replacement parts by us
  • 06
    15 years
    Ensure all products use