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WXJK-550CNC Marking Machine For Sharped Roll

一、Main purpose
   CNC Angle steel lettering machine Model WXJK-550 used in small lettering Angle steel roll the circumference of the face and less than 45 degrees of inclined plane of the mark on the sculpture processing, can be mainly to Angle steel roll cant and channel steel roll bottom plane the trademark, mark processing. The machine has the systematic degree is high, easy to adjust, carved milling mark etc. Standard For the machine can significantly improve the work efficiency, reduces the labor intensity.

二、Main technical specification
1、Processing workpiece dia :250mm~Φ550mm
2、Processing workpiece length:500mm~2500mm
3、Processing cant and workpiece axial included angle:0~45°
4、Minimun processing cant width:25mm
5、Carved milling spindle speed:0~12000r/min
6、Carved milling spindle power:2.2kw
7、Contral system:GSK990MA
8、Rated torque for servo system:(X axis) 17NM
(Y axis) 27NM
(Z axis) 17NM
9、Power supply:380V/50HZ
10、L*W*H: 3900×1400×1550mm


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