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Talent Strategy

Weixing Machine always uphold the "people-oriented" ideology, to "promoting the value of human resources, strengthen the professional advantages" as the core goal, we will continue to improve the performance management, salary management and quality improvement of incentive constraint mechanism, the formation of the professional management personnel, technical personnel and marketing personnel of the trinity structure of talents. Provide growth platform for talents, strong support of sustainable development, and make talent enterprises to reach the company grow together, common development and talents.

Talent Development

Education is the foundation of choose and employ persons. Based on the characteristics of different types, different levels talents, innovative personnel training mechanism, and perfecting the theory training and practice exercise, to establish a broad and multi-level, open system of personnel training, build up conform to the new mode of cultivating talents in enterprise environment.

  • In Weixing Machine, we advocate simple and practical ways of working, we choose relaxed, happy work environment, like to communicate and share experiences.

  • In Weixing Machine, we pay attention to is that, to have both, DE first; Education background is not equal to ability, is not equal to level, all depend on performance.

  • In Weixing Machine, we not only at work, but with like-minded, close love life.

  • Join Weixing Machine, we give the things that you want!